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Wayne - 103 going on 19

He’s not really 103 of course, but it seems like he has been in hairdressing forever. He is, in fact, about to start his 40th year. 31 years as a salon owner.

In 31 years, Wayne has pretty much fulfilled all his personal (hairdressing) dreams but he still has a drive and a passion to help his talented team achieve theirs.

It’s not just about hairdressing though. He has a creative core that see’s him designing home renovations, landscaping … and building cardboard salons in the living room with son Hugo.

If you see someone dancing alone… camping it up on the dance floor and wearing a massive smile, converse shoes, torn shirts and tight black jeans, there’s a fair chance it will be Wayne. No one will dance with him… not even his wife. Over-the-top camp when the music starts… a straight shooter with a pair of scissors!

His other passions in life? Fitness, skiing and golf. We asked the local golf pro about Wayne’s golfing prowess. This is what he said, “I’ve hardly seen him on the course. In the rough a lot, but hardly ever on the actual course.”


Biggest failure? Keeping under the speed limit in his toy. No wonder he couldn’t get into the police force!

Life’s high points? Apart from having two wonderful boys Jarrod and Hugo: thirty consistent years of business success; finally being able to kiss his big toe; and not getting divorced again are up there.

Proudest moments would be, co-directing New York Fashion week… becoming a creative partner to our Dark Mofo… and most of all, still being alive at 50. Mind you, the ‘living past 50’ happened a little while ago;)

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