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Sam Lawson - Super-mum. Dynamo. Ray of Sunshine.

If she looks familiar, you were probably frequenting Sfumato a decade ago. She has been exploring her personal possibilities for the past nine years.


Nine years of … bringing up a bunch of kids… working as a retail store manager… operating as a personal trainer and group trainer… I’m sure there was other stuff, but I couldn’t write fast enough. Now Sam’s adding hairdressing back into the mix.


“I love making people feel comfortable, confident, full of energy and beautiful inside as well as out. And I miss cutting kids hair. They’re so much fun. So honest. So real. So accepting and non-judgemental. I missed this, so here I am and looking forward to catching up on nine years” Sam said.


She’ll still be a personal trainer because… “it’s not just about how you look on the outside, it’s about how you feel inside as well. Hairdressing, personal training and a dose of genuine fun feels like the right kind of balance. That’s why I’m back.”


Sam was part of the Sfumato team from 2001 until 2012…  and although she’s been away for 9 years she’s been part of the Sfumato family for 20 years. We’re over the moon to have her back.


Come and visit… and bring a kid or two :)

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