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We're very proud to be the first hairdresser  in Hobart to become a

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With your support we'll be...

Turning 95% of salon waste into reusable or up-cycled products.

Helping turn plastic waste into outdoor furniture designer eyewear,

dog leads and other items.

             Supporting the 'Haircuts for the Homeless' program.

Supporting collection of pony tails for those suffering with and other medical conditions or undergoing chemotherapy.

Helping to provide meaningful, stable employment for disability workers.

Provide well over 160,000 meals to those who are down on their luck,

               homeless  or fleeing domestic violence.

“The recycling and up-cycling aspects of the program were obviously attractive, but the community side of the program is so, so important to us. As our mental health and our general sense of community declines, programs like this that reconnect and support those of us in need have become crucial in recreating connections and taking pressure off individuals who are doing it tough. It’s a choice we made as a business, but every single staff member is right behind the initiative”


Our ‘green’ journey started many years ago.


We're always searching for more responsible hair care solutions that do not compromise on performance.

That is why we choose professional shampoo bars. Same quality. Less impact.


We've chosen quality towels for longer life and lower impact. Washable towels are used where it made sense and biodegradable disposable towels for other applications.

We've also added super-efficient tap heads to our basins to save around 600 litres of water per day.

Sustrainability isn’t just about trees and mining… it’s about people and mental health … and comfort… and efficiency… as well as the obvious.


Sfumato is officially Trade Waste Compliant, with Tas Water Authority to maximise efficiency and improve the way we dispose of waster water.


Plastics and other toxic products have been all but eliminated and replaced with more sustainable materials like stone and glass used where possible.


All lighting is low-energy long-life LED systems energy consumption in the short term and replacement savings in the longer term.


We chose Mauro bags, ensuring that every cup was environmentally considerate... noise was restricted to a comforting hiss from the steamer (no banging) and staff weren’t faced with messy clean ups.


In our choice of product we also looked favourably on brands with a focus on sustainability. L’Oreal’s attitude to the world we live in was a perfect fit with our own.


Efficiencies were the primary consideration, but the mental state of staff and customers has been a pleasing side-effect.



What we consider when making decisions about our sustainability.


Quality first… if it doesn’t pass the quality test, then we won’t use it or stock it. Simple.  The good news is that there are great ethical, environmentally considerate options to chose from. We only use the best of them… and there are more colour, shampoo and conditioner options coming.


Our preference is for paper, biodegradable, reusable and recyclable packaging wherever we can. There may be the odd exception, but that’s a practicality issue. We’ll phase them out as soon as a suitable alternative pops up… and they are coming. We have a plan. Watch this space.


Wherever possible we choose products that are CO2 neutral or have been CO2 offset.


Products with unnecessarily bulky packaging are avoided. Not only does minimal packaging help solve our waste problem, it makes transport more efficient and reduces emissions.


Biodegradable ingredients help preserve our fauna, waterways and landscapes. That’s our preference and we’ll be bringing more and more biodegradable products into our salon in the coming months.


Our focus will be products that offer you more for less. It’s not about how much you spend in our salon, it’s about what you save. And we'll be saving the environment together by using sustainable products.

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