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Kellie – Has a smile that will light up a salon... and she's back! We're sure you and your hair have missed her. Come in for some papering and a catch up :)

Actually, it’s more than just a smile. She has a demeanor that means she lifts the morale of the whole salon even when things aren’t quite going to plan. Maybe that’s why others seek her out when they need a chat or a shoulder… the “Mum” of the pack.

Not so far from the truth, Kellie has a lot to smile about now, as she is about to become one. Happily married. Living in a wonderful home on the sunny Eastern Shore…Life is Great!

Her creativity isn’t restricted to the salon… she is creative at home as well. Her never ending renovation project will keep her busy for years as she changes the look over and over and over. That’s the trouble with being creative. You’re always looking for a better, fresher, more contemporary option.

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