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Kasey - rising talent, waterfall hunter

The first thing you‘ll notice about Kasey is the kindness in her eyes and the smile on her face. She’s naturally happy and “why wouldn’t I be?” Kasey asks. “Making people happy doesn’t feel like real work.  And that’s what I’m doing here” she added.


“Sure, this is the perfect salon to challenge me creatively, enter competitions and learn from some of the best, but it also the ideal environment to make a whole lot of people feel better about how they can look.”


Kasey has been a perfect fit for us at Sfumato and she’s already showing some creative muscle as a finalist in the 2024 Curate Awards for Cut and Colour! Watch this space…

Kasey can’t tell you who she admires most… mostly because it’s her whole family … that served our country in the defence forces. She never misses an Anzac Day. Their sacrifice and service mean the world to her, with a particular soft spot for her grandad.


When she's not at work, Kasey likes travelling to all corners of the state hunting for, and photographing waterfalls… or sitting by the water thinking about life and how good it can be. ‘Thankful’, probably sums Kasey up.

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