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Rick ‘Hollywood’ Stringer.

Yes, it sounds like a hero cop name in a Netflix series… but to be fair, we added the ‘Hollywood’ middle name. You’ll understand when you meet him.

He’s from here, In fact, he did his apprenticeship at Sfumato (last century:)… but he spent a chunk of his working life in Sydney working with Toni and Guy (if you don’t know the names, ask any hairdresser, they’ll know) among others annnnd like so many Tasmanians, he eventually got over Sydney. He thinks he’s grown up and grown out of the Sydney thing… without losing his drive to do good work. That’s why he chose to come home… and why he chose Sfumato to give his career another ‘kick in the backside’.

We asked him what he is most proud of… his answer kind of surprised us. “I think growing up… maturing maybe… really just the realization that so much that attracts us to places like Sydney isn’t really what makes us happy… or healthy for that matter. It would be easy to get bogged in the sparkle of party life, but eventually you realize there’s more. Making a change is harder, but well worth the effort. I’m pretty pleased with myself for making the change. I love being home.”

A warning… he can talk! He’ll take his queues from you of course. He’ll wait for you to open up, but if you do, expect him to be all ears and mouth. He loooves a chat.

His email address says just about everything… but you’ll need to ask him about that yourself.

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