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Elise - traveller, gym junkie, people lover.

Elise Coward’s father has been dragging her all over the planet. She’s not complaining though.


Dad has run big factories like Heineken in the UK and CUB in Australia, so there has been some moving around from position to position from England, to Melbourne, to Hobart.


She grew up in England and you’ll be able to tell from the accent. Mildly refined British with a word here and there that hints at Manchester… Northern England at least.


Despite starting life in a small town Elise identifies as a big-city-girl with the family moving to bigger cities in the UK, then Melbourne, back to the UK, then (littler) Hobart… and there may have been a stint in Mauritius in there somewhere.

Mind you, this big-city-girl never visited the English capital while actually living in England… but did finally get to London… as a tourist… while living in Tassie!

Elise always wanted to be a teacher, but school ‘became a bit of a drag’ so she enrolled in a TAFE course and fell in love with hair. Now she wants to be a hairdresser! She loves the creativity and the atmosphere of a salon… and more importantly, she loves people.


She didn‘t actually mention it, but she’s obviously proud of her dad… and she mentioned several times that she’s best friends with her mum.


Doesn’t think much of sport, but hooked on the gym.


Six months into her apprenticeship and we’re already very happy to have her on board  :)

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