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Jati - tatts, alpaca wool and balaclavas

Jati is a pierced, tattooed creative with a flair for hair… and individualised fashion, that spins alpaca wool and knits and crochets whenever she gets the chance.


You wouldn’t normally hear the words tattoo, knitting, piercing, spinning and crochet in the same sentence but Jati is a different kind of different. You’ll understand when you meet her.  Accidentally different… the best kind. An individual doing their own thing. No cry for attention, just a drive to create, regardless of who’s watching and what they might think.


And the differences don’t stop there. How many people do you know that crochet balaclavas? Same for me… none. An interesting woman. The tattoos are just a bit out of the ordinary too. Ask her to show you.


You’d be forgiven if you thought Jati Sukha was of Indian decent… or her dad… mum even, but no, and there’s a story.

Sukha is her dad’s stage name. He’s a Uruguayan sitar player and his Uruguayan name was a little confusing for listeners expecting something sounding more, well, Indian.


He adopted the stage name in his personal life and passed it on to Jati. Not sure where the first name came from… apart from her parents choosing it of course J


Jati is an apprentice at the moment but keep an eye out for her. A fan of big colour, bright, loud and creative fashion... and likely to make her mark on the industry.

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