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Oscar - gamer, shelf stacker, king-of-the-river

Oscar McLaren is pleasantly odd. Not crazy odd, but he and his friends like to just sit on the roof of houses and watch… or jump… the jumping thing, not often, maybe just once. Landing on your back once is probably enough to “just see what happens”.


He had designs on joining the military, but a minor hurdle got in the way and for now he has restricted military activities to online warfare and “missions to the bar” as he puts it… and spending time with his lovely (and protective apparently) cocker spaniel.


It’s hard to see how he has time for all this, working ten to twenty hours a week stacking supermarket shelves on top of his full-time job. The guy is a bit of a machine… mind you, stocking shelves for 20 hours a week means he doesn’t waste time going to the gym.

Generally when we ask people who they admire, we get names like Mohamad Ali, Steve Jobs, Ash Barty and the like, but not from Oscar. It’s one of his mates. We’re not saying which one, but it’s one of the nicest things we’ve ever heard.


If you want to start a conversation with him, ask him about rowing at the National Championships and the two King-of-the-River crowns he won with his team.

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