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Archel Calvo –  Ambitious. Committed. Huuuge smile!

Born in the Philippines. 20 years old.  Here for 10 years. That makes her half Aussie and half Filipino… and becoming more Aussie every year!


Mum and dad decided that Australia would mean a better education. So far, so good.


She’s a tiny package packed with ambition and drive… fronted by a massive smile … the kind of smile that will have you smiling too. “All Philippines are short” she says… “except the tall ones…. they’re ummm, tall:)”.


Archel (pronounced Ah-shell) was interviewed elsewhere but chose Sfumato for our training; approach to customer service; career support; and the opportunities we offer to be involved in competitions and external creative projects..

She moved from her position in a hotel to an apprenticeship at Sfumato to “take a step up creatively”. Archel has a big imagination and a focus on people. The perfect combination for us.


Apart from her career, she has two main interests.


1… Art… “just landscapes though, no self-portraits. It’s not about me… it’s about my surroundings… the world… history”… so no canvass selfies.


And 2… The family dog, Buggsy. Big eyes apparently. “He’s really mine because he loves me more … Kathrina!:)”.


Watch out for her in the salon… really… watch out for her, she’s tiny.

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