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Joanna – Salon Air Traffic Controller/ Perfectionist… never gives up!

Jo, a salon co-ordinator with method madness (a Virgo…perfectionist…whatever that is) The Salon airstrip and runway are under control at all times… calls coming in left, right and centre… clients at the desk… staff asking questions…but she has it all under control.

She loves managing people… talking to people…helping people… co-ordinating people… perfectly, each and every time. That’s what she does and she blames it on the Virgo thingy.

Jo also speaks other languages. Polish fluently… Spanish not so fluently and anything else that takes her fancy that day… we don’t know… it’s all Double-Dutch to us.

With Jo’s impeccable standards and attention to detail, we are not going to show her this profile before we publish it…she’ll only change it anyway.

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