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Bernadette Muskett – Painter. Goalie. Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady.

Bernadette’s hairdressing career started with a bit of a speed bump when she discovered that Barbie’s hair didn’t grow back after a radically short new do. Dette (that’s what her friends call her) also discovered that hair colour doesn’t take so well to plastic hair!


Not her fault… and as it turned out she had a bit of a knack with hair… and make up … among other things. Unfortunately for Barbie some of the early make up attempts didn’t wash off easily, but by the time the school formal came around, she was doing makeup and hair for some of her friends as well as herself.


Economics and Psychology studies took a back seat and a hairdressing career became her destiny… with a side excursion as a freelance makeup artist.


Dette started cutting men’s hair very early. She was still a second year apprentice. Now she’s a great option for men and women’s hair.


Life before work included playing basketball for a women’s team as a 15 year old; and soccer, as a goalie in the statewide league.  There are stories of concussion and some bone breaking, but this is about hairdressing, so forget you read that :)


That crazy cat lady thing isn’t all that accurate, but she does have a bunch of rescue cats plus one that was inherited from her sister… and we’re all a bit crazy aren’t we?

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