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Madeline (Madi) Horton – Horses. Horse hair. Hairdressing.

Madi needed to buy a car. There are many that would have asked their parents. Madi got a job. Lots of them actually.  So she worked in cafés and Coles until the pandemic hit, then sat her cat in the passenger seat of her car and headed South to live with her brother for a month while she got sorted.


Then more jobs. bars, the Shamrock, fast food joint and fine dining restaurants including Barilla Bay Restaurant where she became a cocktail creative.


Horses have been part of her life from way back before she could climb on one herself.  It almost became a much bigger obsession when Australia’s Olympic Committee planned see her ride as a potential candidate for  2016.  Unfortunately some broken bones meant that she couldn’t ride :(

Lined up with her horse obsessed-friends braiding horse manes fueled her fixation with hair and now she’s here with us at Sfumato.


Madi is an artist (painter) in her spare time. Her love of art and creativity and a fascination with science and colour are an ideal combination for a budding hairdresser.


“Hair is still art for me, it’s just a different medium. Instead of paint, I’m working with hair… it’s still color and light and dimension” says Madi.

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