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Bridie Kirk - Juggler… mum… gun hairdresser and a casual yogini.

Bridie is having her first wine when I call. I can hear the kids making a racket and I’m thinking that maybe I should call her back when she’s not busy. But she hardly notices. They’re having fun… Bridie has it handled. I get the impression that it’s second nature.


That’s why Bridie is only here two days a week. Two little ones to keep her grounded and very, very busy.


Bridie thought she’d never miss Tassie… and she didn’t… for a while. After 9 years hairdressing (and partying) on Sydney’s northern beaches, she headed South to Melbourne for more hairdressing and more partying. Oh and some management. Second in charge of the salon for a while before taking over as manager. She hated it, but someone had to do it.

Still not missing Tassie though. Nothing for her here ... except her mum… and sister… o oh… tears… and a trip back home… for good!


She’s in love with us again. Hobart has matured… maybe Bridie too? She says not :)


5 years at another well respected Hobart salon, then onto the only other salon she wanted to work at….Sfumato. A good reputation; not as scary as some imagine; busy but flexible;… and  there was Christie… her mate from Nischler. Deal done.


There’s also occessional yoga and a whole lot of clothes shopping! She hoards fashion... and she sells it when she runs out of wardrobe space! If you see her in something you like… be patient… maybe it will come up for sale… :)

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