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Claudia Power – Stand Up Paddleboarder… peace-seeker

Claudia wasn’t necessarily looking for a hairdressing job, but she wanted a job that didn’t mean sitting all day… a job where she could help make people feel better about themselves… a job she could share with creative people with a healthy attitude to life and work.


It’s almost like hairdressing came looking for her. Someone from the famous Cataldo’s Salon in Canberra, tapped her on the shoulder in the street. Not for a job. They wanted her as a model… for hair. Hair colouring in particular. It was the beginning of a love affair… with hair and colour, not the stylist.


Dad was the next hair connection to tap her on the shoulder. He showed her an ad for apprentices here at Sfumato and said “I think this is you”.

“Similar, high-end vibe to Cataldo’s. It’s fashion and beauty. They seemed creative. I could stand up. I could apply my natural attention to detail and styling. I’ve just finished college, so the timing is right.  It’s hair…I’m there.” She thought.


So Claudia dropped her resume in, rather than emailing it. She said it felt better than email… but we suspect that she wanted to check us out.


So, here she is and we’re happy about that :)


If you have the urge to talk to someone about inner peace, stand up paddling, or the love of a loyal dog while having your hair worked on, Claudia would love to hear your perspective.

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