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Ok, not the cheapest… but not the most expensive either.

We employ the best of the best in Tasmania, including three-time Tasmanian Hairdresser of the Year and highly awarded master stylists in every category (including National Titles), plus specifically trained colourists to give you the best advice.

We do what we can to pay them what they’re worth, so it costs a little more to employ the best. It also costs a little more to provide massage chairs, quality coffee and a salon set up that won’t have you looking into someone else’s mirror.

We’ve done our best to set prices that are fair for you, for our staff and for us.

We've also partnered with Sustainable Salons to reduce our impact on the planet and provide support for humans facing personal challenges.

Please remember to add $3 to your overall visit price.

There are two simple ways to choose a stylist.


Unless you are booking a colour service, the simplest way is to look at our 24 hour online booking service. Alternatively, you can call us on 62 24 00 94 and ask Jo to help you choose.

When booking colour services you will need to call to make your booking.

Online bookings are unavailable for colour services.


Please note that during this time, COVID-19 precautions have been put in place. Please check our home page for details before making your booking.

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For those who feel extra body and bounce are lacking. Return the volume and enhance your facial features with curls.

Evolution                $155.00

Partial                      $135.00

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