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Tom – Daft Punk, Quite Literally

“Life’s about doing things with love and passion – you always need that drive if you want to be competitive.”


It feels like he’s been here forever, but he’s still just as driven as ever! If you see a blur moving past and a rush of air, you’ve most likely witnessed his passing. If you believe the legends, he physically cannot stand still… at least until 6 o’clock.

We first met Tom back in 2008 when he came in as a quiet and, most surprisingly, very SHORT thirteen year old kid who desperately needed a trim. He’s gone on somewhat of an arc since then – a 3 year degree at university and a casual music career – but each choice has led him back to us! Although we don’t quite know what caused him to become the giraffe he is today.

Tom’s is a bit of an odd one as interests go – between his love of extravagant fashion, making music, video games, motorbikes, and just generally being daft, it’s a wonder he has any time for doing hairdressing at all!


At the moment, Tom’s working his way up, with his sights on being the best in the salon some day – but he also has a notebook filling up with ideas for competitions, so you may see him producing something extravagant later on, if you keep an eye out!

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