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Sumaira Khan – Rubab player… Dancer… Artist… older than 26 apparently.

And, by the way… she could pass for a teenager. Maybe it’s the Pakistani genes.

Sumaira is a surprise packet. Musician, dancer, hairdresser, artist… now that all makes sense, but a Masters in Economics?! That was more than a little unexpected!

It will make more sense if you get the chance to chat with her, but she seems to have things pretty well worked out. Sumaira always wanted to be a hairdresser… and she has a plan that requires an understanding of economics.

Don’t restrict your chat to hairdressing and the arts, if you do get the opportunity to talk. Sumaira also has some valuable insights on lifestyle and spirituality, thanks mainly to her spiritual leader and inspiration, Prince Karim Aga Khan. The Prince has dedicated his life to humanity in a quest to improve the lifestyles and education of people in developing countries. Sumaira is one of his many followers.

As you would imagine, Sumaira is a particularly sensitive soul, so, if your choice is to simply sit quietly and enjoy the process, she’ll be very happy just to have your head in her hands… she’ll let you lead the conversation.

Sumaira is an accomplished hairdresser who worked with famed duo Toni and Guy in Sydney, before she headed down south for a more serene life with her accountant husband.

Apparently her boss at Toni and Guy comes to Tasmania often for a holiday… and recommended Hobart and Sfumato. Thank you Khee Low… we’re very happy that you sent her our way!

Maybe one day we’ll ask her to bring her rubab (a cross between a sitar and a guitar also known as ‘the lion’ of musical instruments in Central and South East Asia) to the salon and entertain us with MYSTIC music from her country … maybe even some dance.

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