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Jess – “Wayne didn’t like me… the staff told him he was wrong… thanks guys:)”

So… Jess got her start … and she’s fitting in like she was born to it.


It’s been nearly five years since Wayne had her in for a one day trial and he’s pretty happy he changed his mind.

Resilient would be the perfect word to describe her… or perhaps, self-sufficient. Jess got her first job when she was just 14. She started in a cafe at Kettering and has done her best to make the most of every opportunity since.

She grew up in the peaceful Gordon area and went to Woodbridge School. The personality of a country girl coupled with the confidence and drive you’d expect from someone who had been school captain.

Jess describes herself as a dog lover… I guess that means she has at least one dog. She didn’t elaborate. Ask her:)

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