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Jacob – Hairdressing is in his blood. It’s not just a career for him… it’s a Passion.

He loves to have a chat and he’s as good a listener as he is a talker. In some circles he was known as a dancer too, having competed in ballroom dancing for a number of years, but those days are over.

He remembers first being in the salon as a child standing on a box to reach the basin and carefully taking out the rollers from the regulars hair and singing them a song.

He can play the piano and still sits and plays and sings as a way of winding down after a busy day in the salon.

He loves finding out what makes you tick and catering to those needs. You can trust him to give you a big change or keep your trusted style looking wonderful.

There is still more to come with ongoing training. Always evolving. Keep an eye on our FB and Insta.

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