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Sam Shepherd -  A London boy. A florist. Peter Pan.

Sam’s from the UK originally, where he studied for a fashion illustration degree.


He’s one of those beautiful people who volunteer to do something to help others - maybe influenced by mum, who is a rescuer of native animals connected to Bonorong. He has also worked in hospitality and… although he “no gardener”, he has worked as a florist… still does a bit of arranging for fun.


The reference to Pater Pan?… well, he’ll be 30 soon, but looks like a teenager… a very, very tall teenager with a smile that hasn’t been dulled by age. Adding to the illusion of youth is Sam’s position as a first year apprentice. We’re fast-tracking his training as an adult apprentice… and he’s been loving it from day one.


He’s not shy, but he is probably a bit modest and you’ll probably have to ask him about his life. He’s unlikely to tell you about it unless you start the conversation.

We met Sam when he came in for a cut. His florist recommended us. Most of us don’t remember him, but he says it was “the best cut I’ve ever had” and he “loved the massage chairs” and had heard “great things about our staff”.  So he decided we were the salon that he wanted to work and train with… and we’re loving having his smiling face around.


He’ll tell you that he’s “no athlete”, but he looks pretty fit, which he puts down to a slight obsession with pilates… and maybe taking Noodle and Hazel, the dogs he shares with his brother, for a walk.


He’s loving living here in Tasmania… but apparently there’s just one downside. He wants to see a quokka. Sorry Sam… none here.

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