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Bethany Toth – Likes to experiment… not a scientist.

Bethany likes to experiment on herself. That’s why she’s here.


She hasn’t tried to grow an extra arm or eaten 1000 oranges to darken her tan.

She’s experimented with hair… and piercings, but mostly with hair. On herself… on her friends… on herself some more… and on her friends' friends.


Extensions. Colours. Styles. Some wild, some wonderful, some failures… often a little bit weird. But weird is good and failures are how we learn.


That’s why she’s here. She’s shown us her talent… and we’re here to help her share the talent… and learn.


Bethany says some people think she’s a bit weird… she doesn’t understand why. We like that  :)

One of her favourite things? Making fun of herself! “To be flawed is human. I’m happy for people to see that I’m flawed… and yes, human”.


The other favourite thing in her life… her friends. Unusual, interesting friends that make living worthwhile. She seems proud of them.


She’s a Gemini. Things change every day…. sometimes every five seconds. Mostly her mind… along with her hair. Red. Green. Yellow. Black. Purple. Long. Shorter…


We're sure you'll enjoy meeting her. We have.

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