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Christi – Russian, English, Danish, Creative.

For almost 5 years Christi has worked with one of our most respected ‘enemies’… but now she is working for us, and it’s been a match made in Nirvana.

She’s creative, having studied fine arts, and at home she loves to paint and draw…or just hang out with her fur babies. She likes people too. She has plenty to say, but more importantly, she’s a good listener. She knows when to open her mouth and when to open her ears.

Christi loves to travel. She has travelled overseas representing Australia in her industry after winning Gold two years in a row at home. Christi loves colour and went away as part of Goldwell’s Global Zoom Colour competition and was also placed 9th globally on both occasions. Creativity and colouring is what makes our Christi a “Very Happy Jan”

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